A place where all are welcomed and appreciated simply for who you are.

Holy Comforter has a dedicated group of individuals who make up its clergy, staff, and vestry who continue to invest in enhancing the spiritual and organizational experiences at the church. We, the people of Holy Comforter, though very diverse politically and socially, care for each other and care deeply for how our faith is manifested in the community. We believe all people are equal in God’s hand. Our nurturing congregation has an appreciation for diverse perspectives and opinions. We grow through a continually evolving and questioning discussion regarding our faith, God, and society. We welcome all, without reservation, into our Christian body to be part of a loving and sharing family.

MISSION STATEMENT “To worship God, revealed to us as Creator, as Jesus the Christ, and as the Holy Spirit, and experience God’s presence within the church family, nurturing each other through a comprehensive parish program while affirming each other’s individual ministries and responding to Jesus’ continuing call to minister to others.”

ACTIVELY OPEN TO GOD | We are open to all opportunities as we discern where God is leading us and who God is calling us to be.
ACCEPTING | We accept you wherever you are in your faith journey and trust God to take you where God wants you on God’s timetable.
OUTWARDLY FOCUSED | We exist for those who are not yet a part of our community. We pursue fellowship and service opportunities to significantly connect with others.
RELATIONAL | People desire an evolving, fulfilling relationship with the living God. Christianity is a relationship, not religion.
SPIRITUAL RENEWAL AND MATURITY | We seek spiritual inspiration and renewal to keenly experience God’s presence and allow Him to heal, enrich and transform us from the inside out.
RELEVANT | The Good News of Jesus Christ is relevant to your life. It’s not just what Jesus said, but how He lived. We seek to model Christ via the Holy Spirit and be formed in His likeness.
UNIQUE | We focus on following God’s lead for us. We learn from others and adapt it to our unique situation.
ADAPTABLE | Just because we’ve always done it that way is not, in and of itself, a sufficient reason for continuing to do it that way. Mission and progression come from imagination and innovation, not memory.

Is the church accessible to those with limited mobility
The Sanctuary and Parish Hall, and the church office are accessible to those with mobility impairments. We have an elevator for all three floors.

What is the dress code on Sunday?
We are a congregation of “all sorts.” As such, we invite our community to come “dressed for church,” whatever that means to you. Some people attend in their “Sunday best,” while others dress more casually. It is important to be comfortable and, at the same time, respectful of the space we enter in community as the body of Christ.

What should I expect when I arrive?
We encourage you to arrive a few minutes before the service. A usher will hand you a service leaflet that will guide you through the service and answer any questions you may.. A nursery is available during the Sunday 10:30am service for newborn children up to age five.

What about my kids?
Children are welcome at every worship service. The nursery is available for newborn children up to age five. It is a safe and inviting space and has been carefully furnished to engage our youngest children and meet their developmental needs. Formation for children and youth begins at 10:40am on Sunday mornings (excluding the summer months) and runs about 25 minutes.

Questions? We’re thrilled that you’re considering us as your spiritual community, and we pray that God leads you to true joy on your journey. If you have questions about what to expect when attending Holy Comforter, please contact us at 336.227.4251 or send us an email [email protected]. We'd love to get you connected at Holy Comforter.

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