All adults are invited to get involved in Adult Formation at Holy Comforter. We provide various opportunities for adults of all ages to learn and grow in their journeys of faith together.

Our Programs for 2021-2022
Here are the formation opportunities that you can join this year at Holy Comforter:

Bible Study

A weekly gathering to read and study scripture in depth together. This fall we are investigating John's Apocalypse.

TUESDAYS (weekly)
10:00 - 11:00am
Online on Zoom
Starting August 31, 2021

Adult Roundtable

A weekly gathering to explore various topics on faith and discipleship. This fall we are exploring The Way of Love.

THURSDAYS (weekly)
6:00 - 7:00pm
Online on Zoom
Starting September 2, 2021

Seeking Justice

A monthly gathering to make space for ongoing conversation, learning, and action for social justice today. Group members will play an active part in shaping the focus of the meetings.

2nd Sunday every month
5:00 - 6:00pm
Online on Zoom most sessions
Starting September 12, 2021

Faith & Arts

A gathering every 2 months for engaging faith through the arts. Group members will play an active role in shaping the focus and direction of the meetings.

4th Sunday every 2 months
5:00 - 6:00pm
Online on Zoom most sessions
Starting September 26, 2021

To promote the health and safety of our community, our adult formation programs for 2021-2022 have been designed with these COVID-19 considerations and precautions in mind:

1 | Prioritizing the health of the most vulnerable people in the community in our program design and logistics

2 | Meeting primarily online in order to reduce in-person contact at church throughout the week and to accommodate in-person Sunday worship and in-person children's and youth programs

3 | Scheduling formation program meetings to be spaced apart throughout the week in order to avoid conflicts with worship and other ministries as well as to reduce the risk of community spread of COVID

All adults are invited to subscribe to Holy Comforter's weekly newsletter emails to receive updates, announcements, and other information about formation programs. Just contact the parish administrator to add your email to the distribution list. Email: [email protected]

Join Google Classroom
This year we are using Google Classroom to create online hubs for each adult formation program, and all adults are invited to join the class sites for the programs of interest to them. In the hubs, you will find program information, Zoom meeting links, and resources, and you can connect with other group members through the class stream. To get started, just download this guide on How to Join a Class on Google Classroom at Holy Comforter and follow it step-by-step to join the class site.

Contact Jodi Belcher, Associate for Christian Formation, to find out more about our adult formation opportunities. Email: [email protected]