May 19th - George Silides


May 22nd - Joanne McClusky & Shara Partin

May 29th -
Linda Buff & Max Newbauer


May 22nd - (8:15am) Tom McLean
(10:30am) Chappy Moser & Sarah Moore

May 29th - (8:15am) Frank Harris
(10:30am) Stig Egede-Nissen / Jim Romer


May 22nd - (8:15am) Peter Dahl 
(10:30am) Kathy Hykes (chalicist), Max Newbauer (Crucifer), Adriane Newbauer (torch bearer), Anna Grace Newbauer (torch bearer), Holden Newbauer (gospeler)

May 29th - (8:15am) Curt Odem 
(10:30am) Meredith Patterson (chalicist), Steven Swanner (Crucifer), Wesley Swanner (torch bearer), William Swanner (gospeler)


1st Sunday
Audrey Deadmon, Leslie Haines, Elizabeth Hood, Jane Spencer, Bea Swajkoski

2nd Sunday
Joanne McClusky, Cheryl Miner, Tish Murray, Susan Ryan, Julie Smith, Nancy Smith

3rd Sunday
Shara Partin
, Verne Booker, Ren Bryan, Connie Griner, Mary Telander, Marilyn Tyler

4th Sunday
Janie Sellers, 
Betty Brown, Rene Burgess, Mary Collins, Lynn Dahl, Molly Exum, Beth Glidewell, Elizabeth Hansen, Debbie Nichols-Smith

5th Sunday
Ren Bryan,
Janet Brown, Judy Driscoll, Jennell Harris, Gregg Lee


1st Sunday
Connie Griner

2nd Sunday
Betty Brown, Julie Smith, Sandy Gerow

3rd Sunday
Janie Sellers, Ren Bryan

4th Sunday
Jennell Harris, Margaret Egede-Nissen, Patsy Isley, Mary Telander

5th Sunday
Carole Moore, Connie Griner


Ann Williams, Debra Scott, Martha Stewart, Harriett Whitley, Cherry Wrenn


May 22nd  - (8:15am) Julie Smith
(10:30am) Sandy Gerow 

May 29th - (8:15am) Elizabeth Hansen
(10:30am) Paige Ysteboe / Meredith Patterson

What is a Lay Reader?

The lay readers of Holy Comforter area a vibrant group of many individuals committed to using their skills and developing their spiritual gifts to the glory of God. Lay reading is one way that believers can share in the priesthood and ministry to which Christ call his people in corporate worship. Lay readers assist in worship through reading the lessons, leading the Prayers of the People and Creed and administering the chalice. This group is always seeking new participants of any ages. Anyone who desires to be a lay reader should speak to one of the clergy or to Cat Sykes who coordinates this group. She may be reached at [email protected]

What is an Acolyte?

The acolyte team is an essential part of our church services. Their duties include lighting altar candles, leading the procession, collecting the offering from the ushers, collecting the communion elements from the altar guild and assisting with serving communion by refilling the chalices with wine. New acolytes are welcome as young as first grade. The newest acolytes serve by carrying the gospel book, so they can learn the order of the service from inside the altar rail. With experience, they become torch bearers with a more active role in the service. The most experienced acolytes serve as crucifer and assist in the Eucharist. The early service acolytes are adults and faithfully serve us as well. Acolytes may also serve as kite bearers for holiday services. These children, youth, and adults are a dedicated group, and we are proud of and grateful for their service. Our acolyte coordinator is Peter Dahl.

What is a Verger?

The Verger’s role is to assist the clergy and worship ministries of the church in ensuring that our worship services are carried out smoothly. One feast days, the verger ceremonially leads the procession at beginning and ending of the worship service. Our Head Verger, Richard Parker welcomes the opportunity to train other adults or interested youth to assist in this ministry.

What is a Altar Guild?

Altar Guild is a group of parishioner who prepare the Altar and Sanctuary for worship services each Sunday as well as for weddings, funerals, or any other special services the clergy request. We currently have approximately 40 members who work in teams one session per month. A weekly chairperson contacts the members of the team and schedules them as needed. Altar Guild work is a “behind the scenes” task which is essential for our worship service to take place. Our tasks are very meaningful to all of us as we try to approach our responsibilities with reverence and attention to detail. We always welcome new members. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Ren Bryan.

What is a Flower Guild?

The flower guild helps to arrange altar flowers for Holy Comforter’s worship services on a regular basis. Few of our members have any formal training in floral arrangements. We have learned through trial and error and each other. We have expanded our offerings to include church member’s funerals upon request. We are a small faithful group and would love new members. To learn more, please contact Connie Kincious at 584-3534.

What is an Usher?

A church usher is a person who helps ensure a smoothly running church service and who ministers to people in a variety of practical ways. The specific responsibilities of an usher vary with the church, but their duties usually include greeting people as they arrive for the service, assisting people with special needs, and receiving the offering. To become an usher, please contact Chappy Moser.

What is a Greeter?

A church greeter is the first and last person people see when visiting a church. The church is greeter is the face of any ministry, which makes it one of the most important jobs in the church. The greeter welcomes regular members and visitors with a smile as they arrive in the doors. Please contact Margaret Egede-Nissen to join this ministry.