An educational scholarship for Holy Comforter high school seniors planning to pursue post-secondary education. The Goodale Scholarship at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter, Burlington, NC, was established in 2014 through a generous endowment from Mary M. “Chinkie” Goodale in memory of her husband, Gordon.The Goodales, long-standing and faithful members of Holy Comforter, have always been devoted to education. This scholarship will continue their support and legacy in perpetuity by assisting our own youth in that endeavor. For more information or answers to specific questions, please email the Goodale Scholarship Committee.

Who is eligible to receive this scholarship?

• High school seniors who “are faithful in the Church of the Holy Comforter.” Faithful is defined by the donor as “young men and women who attend, participate in and are known to us as part of the Holy Comforter family.”
• Students must also be in good standing at their current schools, in the church and local community.
• Students must submit evidence of admittance to a post-secondary institution (university or college, including community college, or an institution for specialized or technical education). This requirement is generally satisfied by an official letter of admission from the institution.

What do I do to be considered for this scholarship award?

Students who meet the conditions of eligibility stated above must submit an official high school transcript covering all work undertaken ninth grade through the first semester senior year. In addition, students must sign and submit the Affidavit of Good Standing. These documents must be submitted by April 15.

When will I know if I have received the scholarship?

Students will automatically receive the scholarship once they have submitted proof of meeting the eligibility requirements stated above. Official notification will be mailed on or before May 10. This notification of an award will include information about terms and conditions of the scholarship and other pertinent information. Students will need to notify the Scholarship Committee that they will accept the award.

How much is the scholarship award?

Because of the nature of the scholarship endowment, the scholarship award will vary annually. Students will be notified of the exact amount of their award July 1 or as close to that date as possible. The Goodale Scholarship award is funded by the annual earnings on the endowment; therefore, the amount of money available for scholarship distribution will vary year by year, based on the actual earnings of the endowment fund. In addition, the actual scholarship amount will be divided equally among all eligible students – those receiving it for the first time and those who are continuing students who remain eligible. The scholarship amount is not dependent upon or altered by academic performance, seniority, financial need or other circumstances.

How will the scholarship be paid?

The scholarship amount will be paid on August 1 or as close to that date as possible, and payment will be directly to the institution the student attends or will attend. The scholarship award will be distributed in lump sum for the fall semester; therefore, only first semester costs will be impacted.

Additional scholarship information

• If a family or student leaves Holy Comforter, through a move, relocation or change in church affiliation or attendance prior to May 1, the student will no longer be eligible to receive scholarship funding for the next year. This applies to high school seniors or students already receiving scholarship funds.
• High school seniors who give evidence, through a letter of admission or other authoritative proof, that they intend to pursue a Gap Year following high school will be eligible for Goodale Scholarship funds at the time they actually enroll in college or a certificate-granting higher education program. The Goodale Scholarship will not be awarded for the Gap Year expenses.
• It will be the responsibility of the Goodale Scholarship Committee to research any certificate-granting program to ascertain that it qualifies under the post-secondary higher education stipulation of the endowment.
• With regard to the qualification for “continuous enrollment,” a student is expected to be enrolled full-time; however, should a medical leave of absence be granted, the student will remain eligible to receive the scholarship award again at the time of re-enrollment. The total of eight semesters of scholarship support will still apply, and the scholarship amount will be set at the award level for the semester of re-entry.
• The Goodale Scholarship Committee of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter reserves the right to make additions or clarifications to the scholarship award criteria at any time. The scholarship will be governed by and administered in accordance with all federal laws, the laws of the State of North Carolina, the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, and the policies and procedures of the Church of the Holy Comforter. The Church and any individuals associated with the Goodale Scholarship award process (church officials, the Scholarship Committee, members of the Investment Committee, etc.) may not be held liable for any aspect of the scholarship award.

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